25 Tiny But Significant Things You Should Start Doing For Yourself This Year

It’s a new day. It’s a new year. There should be a new start to life too.

Here a few things you should do to make your life infinitely better.

1. Unsubscribe to all those useless newsletter that have been clogging your mailbox. Let the weight of last year slide away.


2. Become a kid again sometimes. Pick up a coloring book and color your heart away!


3. Set some time aside for yourself every day. Sit alone in silence, read, take a nap or dance to yourself!


4. Stop and smell the flowers wherever you see them.


5. Eat whatever the heck you want to. But make sure you do something that keeps you healthy.


6. Make a mental list of your flaws but don’t be too harsh on yourself and strive to correct them.


7. Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong. But learn from your mistakes.


8. Stop explaining yourself all the time.


9. Take life head on.


10. Enjoy everything you already have.


11. Write down what you want for yourself every night. It’ll help you sleep better.


12. Be happier, laugh freely. Don’t you know how good you look when you smile? :)


13. Walk with your head held high. There’s nothing about you that you should be ashamed of.


14. Don’t hold on to a grudge for too long. Forgive, or better yet, be indifferent.


15. Do something that scares you and realize that it was actually fun, like skydiving.


16. Preserve your old friends and make new ones.


17. Cut out those people who bring you down.


18. Don’t get into a relationship for the wrong reasons.


19. Don’t reject someone just because it didn’t work out last time. But do give yourself enough time to heal.


20. Take yourself out on a date.


21. Stop comparing yourself to other people.


22. Don’t try to be the person you used to be.


23. Help people, those you know and strangers.


24. Talk to yourself. Trust me, it’s a healthy thing to do. 😛


25. Stop worrying too much. Life has a habit of falling into place. :)

I hope this year turns out to be better than the last one.

Have a good year guys. 😀



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