Being An Army Man’s Girlfriend Requires Something More Than Love

If you wish to learn how to keep smiling despite the gigantic hurdles in your life, ask the ones who are living the epitome of a hard life bravely. Ask the mother who has ditched sleeping for her entire life because it’s her son’s duty to stay vigilant (at every second of the day) at LoC. Ask the father, who with a crying heart, pats his son every time he prepares to leave.

More so, ask the girlfriend who is always too petrified to see her text messages, no matter who they come from (she never wants to hear any updates). She is constantly scared, she is proud, she is in love with a superhero who wears combat boots instead of a cape.

She has to make the good sacrifice of becoming the second woman to her man, and she does it with full conviction and pride.


Even before he comes to meet her, the fact that he will have to depart probably the next morning itself (hopefully to return again), starts to consume her


But when they are together, she makes sure to make the moment extra special. Not by going out, not by planning big get-together sessions. But, by sharing the words, and making lifelong memories, because when he is with her, the word ‘tomorrow’ vanishes from her dictionary.

She shares her man’s duty to his country

She takes upon herself as her duty to understand her man’s eternal love for his country and with a heavy heart, nods to his desires of dying a martyr.

Thoughts of planning a future together always get clouded by the realities of the border life

She is always too eager to have him move in with her, or to jump one step ahead to become an army man’s wife. But, times and situations, are never her friends.

She has prepared herself to live with a perpetually anxious and stressed heart


Every single time a terrorist attack takes place, the loved ones of those who deal with the perpetrators first hand feel the fear of their lifetime. She wants to watch the news yet, shuts her eyes every time they talk about the army. However, at large, she knows that her life is also timed by that one scare. She is prepared.

Hardly anyone other than her can master the art of loving someone truly!

Every time she bids goodbye to him, she secretly threatens Almighty that she’d better get to experience this moment again. Letting someone go with such heavy (and paranoid) heart but a brave exterior is a talent in itself that comes naturally to only those who have their beloved ones in the army.

But love is love, even when it comes at a price of border horrors, and she lives it, like a hero herself.


Being in love with an army man, makes her see both (best and the worst) sides of life. Getting to go to new places, becoming friends with other military couples, and the best of all, that sheer feeling of pride that comes to her when her friends and family discuss all about a soldier’s life with her, because who else has the better insight?



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