11 Ideas To Make Small Bedrooms Prettier And More Organised

After writing DIY ideas for decorating your room, I got a lot of personal messages saying that although the ideas were great, they couldn’t use some of them, as their rooms have very less space. So, for people who are living in dorms/hostel or are sharing rooms in an apartment, I have made a special list.

So, here are 11 ideas which will make your small bedroom prettier and more organised.

1. Make a hanging lamp

Image Source

Since you have a small room, setting up a lamp will require a lot of space. So, you can just create your small hanging lamp by twirling fairy lights around any light structure and hanging it from the ceiling. If you are crafty, you can see how to make some beautiful hanging lamps here.


2. Create a makeup magnet board

Image Source

Organising your makeup takes a lot of drawer space. All you have to do is take an iron plate and decorate it nicely. You can use spray paint and give it a fancy frame. Then stick tiny magnets at the back of your products and you are good to go. :)


3. Go for 2-tier organisation

Image Source

You can arrange things in an assembly line and fix everything straight, but it will make your set-up look mundane and will occupy a lot of space. Place a stand or a small stool and you’ll save a lot of space. To make the arrangement look fancier, decorate the stool or stand.


4. Create drawer partitions to arrange small clothing like underwear and socks

Image Source

You have no idea how easy your life will become after this. Use cardboard cut outs to create partitions in any desired pattern (checkerboard, honeycomb etc.) and arrange your clothes accordingly.


5. Utilise your closet/room door

Image Source

It’s a magnificent space that doesn’t get used as much. This idea can be a life saver for all the small bedrooms. Put hooks, magnetic strips, rods, pockets, or whatever that can hold your stuff together. You can hang your bags, hoodies, jewellery etc.


6. Make a memory board

Image Source

Are you one of those people who have uncountable important papers lying around, and you never find the correct one when you need it the most? It can happen sometimes when you lack space to stack stuff neatly. In that case, you can make this memory board and put your important stuff like tickets/vouchers/pass etc there.


7. Put small shopping bags on display

Image Source

What if you do create a memory board and it’s not big enough to hold all your stuff. Well, there is one more way to organise your stuff beautifully. Attach small shopping bags on your memory/bulletin board and you can organise your stuff inside them. Try colour coding to make it more fun.


8. Make book towers

Image Source

It will save a lot of space and looks brilliant. What looks better than books stacked together?


9. Put a hanging rod outside your cupboard

Image Source

You might not have enough space left in your closet. So what? Do not constrain your clothes in you cupboard. Fix a hanging rod outside and display all your blingy clothes there. It will look fantastic and will solve space issues.


10. Create a multipurpose shelf with a ladder

Image Source

It’s easy, inexpensive, useful and stunning. It will give your place a vintage feel. Pain a ladder with a bright colour and fix it on your wall horizontally. You can place boxes on the top, and hang clothes on the stepping spokes.


11. Use shower curtains to organise scarves

Image Source

It won’t crumple them and will make your whole display look very attractive. So, do not stuff your scarves in a drawer now. :)

Hope this was helpful.
Until next time… :)



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