20 Struggles Of Being A Girl Who Hates Being Girly

Have you watched Mean Girls? Yes, they exists. They are everywhere. Not necessarily mean, but extremely girly girls who make their life’s mission to turn you into them. And it goes without saying that you cannot stand them.

Here are a few things you’ll totally relate to if you’ve been a victim of the highly groomed fashion soldiers too.

1. You cannot comprehend that thing they do to their hair. All you know about hairstyles is a bun and a ponytail.


2. You cannot stop screaming in your head “How did you even do that to your face?” :O


3. The language they speak is alien to you. What the heck is mani-pedi?


4. You don’t understand skirts or dresses. Especially the short ones.


5. You cannot wrap your head or your stomach around salads. Food is more than that to you.


6. You think heels are a torture device. And yes, you’re right.


7. You cannot bear being hugged by them and this habit of theirs bugs you like crazy.


8. You cannot imagine yourself crying in public the way they do!


9. It annoys you how much attention they get from everyone.


10. Their shrill shrieks drive you up the wall.


11. You have developed an aversion to the color pink.


12. It’s mind boggling how they remember so many brands and prices and the names of colors!


13. You’re absolutely disgusted by their drama and the fights they have with each other.


14. Don’t even talk about selfies….only if you could set those pictures on fire. Damn you Instagram!


15. You’re surprised that they go all dolled up to the gym.


16. When they talk about spas you think they’re talking about some faraway planets.


17. You cannot decode the posing for cameras thing.


18. You feel awkward wearing even a tiny trinket and they get away with tons of jewellery.


19. Their perfumes give you headaches.


20. And lastly, they annoy the shit out of you when they try to turn you into one of them. *runs in the opposite direction of the makeover squad*

Girls I tell you.

Don’t you despise them too?

Let us know in the comment section!



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