Kwickadd Movie REviews : Deadpool

With whooping 83% score on Rotten Tomatoes, people and fans of MArvel were waiting to see the change in revolution of superheroes. Deadpool did justice to all the curious visitors of trailer. A superhero SO cool, fun loving, talkative, optimist and of all SARCASTIC makes the movie a package full of joy. A movie that can be watched by All age bars with equal fun. AND then we have our CENSOR BOARD! The degradation of our India as a developing nation ! There are in total SEVEN cuts !! And then we have Maastizade and Kya Super cool hai Hum With nothing accept Sex. But still Encourage this superhero as it is anyway going to have SO SO many fans !

'Deadpool' Reviews — Here's What Critics Are Saying About Latest Ryan Reynolds Film


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