12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Loves Food

A girl who eats is the happiest one. There’s no denying that. Ergo, there is simply no downside to dating a girl who knows her food.

The following reasons will prove why it’s just epic to date a girl who is in love with food.

1. Buffets are all about getting your money’s worth and getting full, and she’s a complete delight to have buffets with.


2. There will be no awkward moment when it’s time to order a dessert because she loves having dessert as much as you do.


3. You’ll never have to worry about eating alone or not having company to eat, you can always give her a call, at any time of the day. 😛


4. She’s just more fun, you can actually hang out with her, watching games while eating burgers and drinking beers.


5. She’ll broaden your food horizons, introducing you to insane and amazing tastes around the world.


6. You’ll get healthier in the process of dating her.


7. She knows the best spots with the best food around the city and eats with glorious abandon.


8. You’ll never run out of food because her fridge is always stocked up.


9. She can cook up an amazing meal from basically scratch.


10. She isn’t into fancy, pricey restaurants as much as she’s into food. She’ll heartily enjoy the humble paratha at a roadside Dhaba as much as she’d enjoy Ravioli at a high-end place, probably even more.


11. She’ll never criticize your physique or comment on how many calories you’re consuming, you can always be yourself in front of her.


12. She’s almost never gloomy. And even if she’s upset about something or you guys have a fight, a good meal can make her bounce back right up! :)

Is your girlfriend a food enthusiast too?

Let us know in the comment section!



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