6 Highways In India That Are Believed To Be Haunted

We all love a scary story. And especially if the story contains experiences from real life then it becomes all the more interesting.

While some highways in India are infamous for a high number of mishaps, some have a more mysterious side to them. Here’s a list of 6 highways of India that are believed to be haunted.

1. Kasara ghat, Mumbai-Nashik highway


The stretch of the Mumbai -Nashik Highway passing through a place called Kasara Ghat is said to be haunted. People claim seeing an old headless lady, sitting on the trees.  The creepy bushes and trees looming up on either side of the road make it look worse still.


2. Jamshedpur NH33


This highway is infamous for the accidents and surprisingly high number of deaths. This is the only highway in India where the number of fatal accidents is more than the number of non-fatal accidents. A particular stretch of highway is specially notorious as most of the accidents happen in this area. People claim that the valley is haunted and an evil soul is behind most of the accidents.

Moreover, there is the Van Devi Temple on NH33, where all the passersby consider it to be of prime importance to stop by and take blessings, because it is believed that those who don’t visit the temple, meet with fatal accidents.


3. East coast road Chennai-Pondicherry


This beautiful two-lane highway is famous for its smooth roads and beautiful scenery. But things get a little creepy after sunset. People have claimed to witness a woman walking around the road, making drivers lose their focus & crash. People have also reported experiencing a sudden inexplicable drop in temperature during a particular stretch of the road.


4. Mumbai-Goa highway Kashedi ghat


The Kashedi ghat stretch on Mumbai-Goa highway is said to be haunted by the ghost of a person who appears in front of vehicles and signals them to stop. It is believed that if people try to speed up or overrun him then the vehicle meets with a freak accident which is believed to be the deed of the ghost. What is even more creepy is that a number of accidents have been reported in this particular area. While accidents are a common occurrence on highways and it’s no proof of a paranormal entity, still it is advisable to be cautious while driving through this stretch of road.


5. NH-209, Satyamanglam wildlife sanctuary corridor


The stretch of the highway that passes through this wildlife sanctuary is said to be one of the most haunted places in Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, this forest was also the home of the infamous bandit Veerappan. Local people & travelers claim to hear blood-curdling screams in the middle. Also, weird sightings of lanterns floating in the air have also been reported.


6. NH 11A , OFF Delhi-Alwar-Jaipur Highway


Highway NH11A, which is an alternate route to Delhi via Alwar which passes through the famous Bhangarh fort is also believed to be a home to paranormal sightings & activities. Especially the stretch around the area of Bhangarh fort is said to be the most affected by such paranormal activities.

Doesn’t matter if they are truly haunted or not, it’s better to be safe and drive cautiously while passing through these roads.



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