21 Promises You Should Make To Yourself Before You Give Your Heart To Someone

Keep the promises you make, or don’t make a promise you cannot keep.

In a relationship, this quote resonates the most when it comes to its framework. It’s difficult to trust someone unconditionally, as everybody is often skeptical about giving themselves, or even a part of themselves away. Although when you become ready to hand over your heart to someone, you expect them to promise to take care of it.

Here are few promises you should make to yourself before you surrender to the magical master that is love whose promises you’ll be relying on.

1. I’ll be as loving to myself as I’d be to him/her.


2. I won’t compromise my values for anything or anyone.


3. I won’t let my voice drown in the cacophony of regularity.


4. I’ll give everyone a second chance withstanding the circumstances.


5. I won’t let my financial freedom be sabotaged just because I choose to be emotionally dependent on someone.


6. I won’t let go of things I’m passionate about.


7. I’ll live this moment to the fullest.


8. I’ll not let life’s challenges make me bitter, instead, become better.


9. I’ll be my true self, to myself and to the world.


10. I won’t let anything stunt my growth, nor his/her.


11. I won’t take myself or him/her for granted.


12. I won’t have unrealistic expectations from myself or him/her.


13. I’ll listen and try to understand the other sides’ point of view.


14. I’ll make myself clear about what I need and make sure I take care of what he/she needs.


15. I’ll never let tears creep into the smiles we share.


16. I’ll always keep in mind that everything isn’t and cannot be in my control.


17. I’ll choose my battles wisely.


18. I won’t let my past or his/her’s be the reason of pain to either or both of us.


19. I’ll try my best to help both of us reach our potential individually.


20. I’ll be the kind of person he/she deserves.


21.I promise I’ll see this to the end. :)

The only way you can love someone else is by loving yourself. :)


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