28 Most Disturbing And Disgusting Movies Of All Time That’ll Make Your Bowels Churn

Does the idea of being disgusted out of your mind excite you?

Then this is going to be a treat for you.

There are some movies that remind you how wonderful it is to be human. And there are some that make you wonder are we really even worth the liberty of existing in a world where this level of inhumane behavior does or can exist. If it does, these movies definitely do justice to that.

Here are a few movies that are so gross that you probably won’t be able to sit through them and most probably will forego food for a day or two.

1. Martrys (2008)

The story of a girl who believes that a family kept her under confinement all her childhood decides to take revenge against the society which allows her to be oppressed.


2. Aftermath (1994)

This movie doesn’t have a beginning, nor an end. This one is just a horrid depiction of necrophilia of a morgue worker and contains explicit scenes of sexual behavior with corpses. Be prepared to be never wanting to go to a hospital ever again.


3. The Human Centipede (2010)

A crazed idiotic scientist whose only motto of life is to make a human centipede kidnaps three poor, unsuspecting Japanese tourists and succeeds in realizing his deranged dream. If you’re okay with having nightmares for the rest of your lives about traveling to unknown places then definitely have a go at it. What’s amazing that this movie despite being banned in n number of countries across the world actually has been installed three parts, one grosser than the former.


4. I Spit On Your Grave (1978)

This one will leave you with not only disgust but a big “WHAT?”. A female author who goes on a writing retreat in a seemingly peaceful cabin, gets raped and horridly mutilated by five random men for apparently no reason except, I don’t even know what to call it. The fun part is,  the woman takes an even bitter revenge on the four men.


5. Salo, 120 Days Of Sodom(1975)

The most disgusting movie ever.

A group of young teens, boys and girls are assembled together, made to be naked always and subjected to ungodly things throughout the duration of the movie. The controversy around this movie is that everything that is depicted seems so real that people believed that at least some of the teens were actually tortured in this movie. Artistic value or not, what makes one wonder is how did the actors ever go home after every day of the shoot and be sane?


6. Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

This movie will not fail to raise the hair on your arms with it’s narrative style of filming. It’s about a film crew who got lost in the Amazon rainforest and never came back. The rescue mission found cans of films though and those cans are full of graphic violence against everything and anything. It just mostly doesn’t make sense at all but will surely make you shit your pants.


7. Audition (1999)

It’s a gruesome movie which has a loosely held plot of a serial killer who is possessive about the men that come in her life and kills them because she cannot bear them to give attention to anything else but her. The woman tortures people by dismembering them and tortures them with needles. The most graphic scene is the one in which she puts needles through the hero’s eyeballs. Watch only if you have the stomach for it.


8. Dogtooth (2009)

Another almost senseless movie. Three siblings are almost never let to out of their house by the dysfunctional pair whom they have as parents unless their dogtooth falls out. These siblings undergo ridiculous mental and physical torment and it’s really difficult to actually finish this movie.


9. Happiness (1998)

A ridiculous depiction of a dysfunctional family. I’ll give you an example. The head of the house, the father, tells his son coldly that he raped two of his friends, but he will never rape him, but he would jerk off instead. His own son.


10. Irreversible (2002)

A date that goes wrong and in the reverse time order. The movie starts with the end, that is a scene of the poor woman in an unspeakable condition.


11. Funny Games (1997)

America is a weird, weird place. A poor family goes on vacation and meets death in the form of two seemingly innocent young men with golf clubs.


12. Braindead / Dead Alive (1992)

This is just crazy. Watched a few zombie movies haven’t you? But nothing like this one. Zombies in this movie not only eat flesh and brains but also fornicate and produce zombie babies. Wanna see how that looks like?


13. A Serbian Film ( 2010)

A retired porn star looking for work is tricked into making a Snuff film where he doesn’t just sodomize all the characters but gives the movie a vividly violent turn by killing them. It has so much violence and child sex abuse that you’d save yourself if you don’t actually bother watching it.


14. Begotten (1991)

This movie has zero dialogues and 30 mins of extreme horror where God disembowels himself and tears himself piece by piece and people raping him is a horror that’ll stay with you forever.


15. Eraserhead (1977)

A crazy man, his angry girlfriend and a deformed baby. That’s all you need to make a gruesome movie plot.


16. Antichrist (2009)

A couple that lost a child, looks for some peace of mind but instead engages is violence towards each other, sodomy and self-inflicted horror makes this a notoriously difficult movie to watch.


17. Nekromantik (1988)

The only feeling you’ll be left with within a few minutes of this movie is, ‘yuck’. It’s famous for not having even a single person having finished watching the movie but the most famous scene is the one where a road cleaner brings home a rotting corpse and his girlfriend gets ridiculously obsessed with the it proven by the explicit sexual detail in the movie of the disgusting obsession.


18. Pink Flamingos (1977)

It’s vile. That’s all it is. The plot is to pit people against each other in a competition for the filthiest person alive as an agenda. Do not watch it if filth comedy is not your scene.


19. Men Behind The Sun (1988)

It’s said to be a true story. It’s a historic film depicting the horrors of a Japanese military unit experimenting on Chinese people. A gruesome scene includes a soldier whose hands are frozen first and then boiled and skinned afterward. It looks too real to believe.


20. The Devils (1971)

Christianity and its mysteries. A priest once loved who has a passionate following of nuns is branded the servant of Satan and the film revolves around the hysteria and weirdness of it all that is somewhat out of our sense of knowledge and understanding.


21. Caligula (1979)

A gruesome and bad rendition of the life and death of the most popular Caesar,  Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus that it’s still banned in most countries all around the world.


22. Grotesque (2009)

A deranged man pits a couple he kidnapped against each other in a competition of survival and watches the fun. Why? No one really has an answer except insanity. And insanity is still a word that has bounds, this gore is boundless.


23. In My Skin (2002)

A woman’s obsession with eating her own wounds. What world is this that we live in? Makes you wonder.


24. Dead Girl (2008)

Two teens find a naked woman tied to a bed in a abandoned mental institution. What do you think happened? Did they help her out? No. Watch it to witness what levels a human can fall to.


25. Possession (1981)

A woman leaves her husband and kid. He hires a private investigator, but the truth is way bigger than what he suspected. What is it? Watch to realize the twisted minds and lives of these people.


26. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Inspired on one of America’s most notorious serial killers, Ed Gein’s style of killing and keeping his rewards(!), this a psychopathic ride of senselessness and gruesome murders.


27. The Tenant (1976)

A new tenant who starts relating with the previous suicidal tenant in disturbing ways and starts believing that his neighbors are trying to kill him. It’s an emotional and horrific rollercoaster.


28. Henry: Portrait Of a Serial Killer (1986)

A criminal, out of jail and what he does for a living starts getting in his way and what happens to him, is a true life story of a real-life serial killer.

Are you game?



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