12 Things Every Guy Must Have In His Wardrobe

Style shows substance. In this modern age, where the definition of ‘trends’ and ‘fashion’ change by the day, style remains paramount. Men and women of all ages experiment with looks, vintage, modern, hipster, formal, casual, the list is endless. But there are certain pieces of clothing that never go out of fashion and are considered to be timeless must-haves.

This guide will walk you, the essential stylish man, through a definite list of essentials you ideally should own in your wardrobe.

1. Monochromatic T-shirts

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Plain coloured T-shirts never go out of fashion. And a few black, white, and grey ones in your wardrobe can go a long way. Wear them as another layer under your shirts, make it a club look with a jacket on it, or just wear them with blue denims when in doubt.


2. Blue denims

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Ah, blue denims. the holy grail of any man’s wardrobe. There’s a reason why it has never gone out of fashion since 1873. Blue denims literally go with any top and any kind of footwear, in (almost) any occasion, and are durable as well. A mainstay.


3. Sneakers

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Every once in a while, you need to hang out with your guy friends, and you just HAVE TO take the casual route. What better footwear than our trusted old sneakers? Colours, lace, and a sturdy sole are the go-to footwear to pull off the best out of college look.


4. Jacket

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This is not a strict compulsion but is a great add-on to any wardrobe. A jacket can be a studly leather jacket, a cloth jacket, or a blazer. Each of these choices will give you added style, depending on the occasion they are worn for.


5. Casual shirts

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Come on. Shirts. Need we even tell you how important they are?


6. Formal shirts

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A business event. A formal gathering. A wedding reception. Work, college presentation. Wear a formal shirt, ideally white or pale blue in colour, and look sharp.


7. Formal trousers

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Pair off the above mentioned formal shirt with a pair of formal trousers. Navy blue with white, black with pale blue, ideally. What is left with a clean pair of shoes.


8. Formal shoes

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If you want to go for a truly formal look, baroques, oxfords, or derbies will match completely well. If you want to go for a little informal look, pair the clothes with boat shoes or loafers. Laceless leather shoes and square tipped shoes are a strict no-no.


9. Watch

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A watch is a mainstay for a complete look for men. Leather or metal bands will go with shirts and formal looks. Cloth bands go with a casual look and T-shirts.


10. Fragrance

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A good cologne will improve your overall personality like a charm. A good idea is to stick to a certain cologne and make it a part of who you are. People will recognise you from it and it will add to your style.


11. Comfortable innerwear

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Because no one likes flashy, stretchy, tight, and flauntable underwear. There’s a reason Superman doesn’t go like that to work. Keep it simple, and cotton.


12. Woolen

Image source

To end this list, a little bit of style in the winters never hurt anyone. Sweaters, sweatshirts, zippers, windbreakers, are all good additions. If you live in a very cold place, a muffler would be the cherry on the cake.

So there you have it guys, if you have these in your wardrobe, you’re good to go for any occasion.


Stay sharp! 😎



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