19 Movies That Look Very Different From The Villain’s Point Of View

We have been trained to never question the hero of a story. The hero is always the noble guy who does only good things.

But what happens if we put ourselves inside the heads of movie villains? Are they the outright villains as we think them to be? Are they really the bad guys?

Let’s see.

1. Alien, in the movie Alien


From Alien’s perspective –

Humans are the aliens here, and the aliens have as much right to live in the world as we do. Even if we take the ethics and morals out of the equation, it looks like they are better adapted to beating us in the race for survival of the fittest.

Humans are the aliens in the story. We are the ones who encroached on their planet, and if they lash out in self-defense, it is not their fault at all.


2. Predator, in the movie Predator


Remember how, every year, millions of humans go to wildlife sanctuaries and hunt game? The reason they give? Because they are maintaining balance so that the population of the hunted game doesn’t explode.

There are almost 8 billion humans on this planet, and the predator loved to hunt. He is doing the ecosystem good by keeping the ever-increasing human population in check.


3. Dean Rooney in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Dean of students Ed Rooney is doing a good job, by giving even a troublemaker student personal attention. He is straight up with his parents about Ferris missing his school, and also is intelligent enough to understand that Ferris is fooling his parents and friends and tries his best to bust the phony troublemaker.


4. Death in the movie Final Destination


Death is very creative in the movie series and does everything to end people whose time in their life has come to an end. But they do not accept the fact that their time has come and keep on trying to escape.

But Death gets them all in the end, doing his job very efficiently and creatively. Can you imagine the overpopulation problems on this planet if Death didn’t do its job well?


5. The iceberg in the movie Titanic


So, the iceberg is floating peacefully in the sea and a maneuverable ship comes out of nowhere. How is the iceberg supposed to move without propellers? Also, the iceberg cannot be blamed for bad weather, can it?


6. The poor piece of heavy rock in the movie 127 Hours


So, the rock was lying there peacefully, chilling with his other friends when a human just came out of nowhere, and he just moved me from my place, without asking and now the rock was stuck with him for 5 whole days.

Plus the rock had to see the person pee, masturbate, cry, hallucinate and perform an amputation.

Who is the villains over here?


7. Darth Vader in the Star Wars series


They didn’t let him love. Attachment was forbidden. He wanted to feel the whirlwind emotions of love and excitement. All that was suppressed and he was cleverly manipulated by a Sith lord.

In the end, he was told that his wife and children have all died, leaving him in wrath. And he was told that the Federation was responsible for their deaths.


8. The stool/chair in the movie Million Dollar Baby


It is not the stool’s mistake if it wasn’t kept in the proper position, was it?

The real villain in the movie was Clint Eastwood! And he bloody killed her in the end!


9. Mal in the movie Inception


So, Cobb traps her inside his head on multiple layers, as if she is in a jail, but trapped for as long as Cobb lives.

Then Cobb is somehow surprised that she comes out and tries to spoil his missions?

Ever tried letting things go Cobb?


10. Agent Smith in the movie The Matrix


Mr. Smith wants the same things every human wants – to live forever. That is his goal, you see. He is a program, bound by lines of code, but in the end, he breaks all these barriers and carves a niche for himself in the Matrix.

Isn’t that achievement something to be proud of? How many of us humans applaud at people who have overcome horrible circumstances to make something out of their lives.

Mr. Smith did the same.


11. Magneto in the movie X-Men


Humans outnumber mutants by billions. They are afraid of the mutants and pass laws that seek to control mutants and bring them under special laws.

Remember apartheid and racism in the USA? Sound familiar?

Magneto becomes the champion of the mutants and seeks to take equal rights back for the mutants.


12. Scar in the movie The Lion King


So, Mufasa, because he is all strong and handsome will have an absolute monopoly over all the lionesses, and just because Scar is ugly and not strong, he cannot have love?

How else can he win over the pride? Brains.

He used his brains and got control back.


13. Jurassic Park dinosaurs


Dinosaurs are created in labs and put in cages and somehow the humans have no idea how they actually behave. And when the whole shit goes down somehow it is the dinosaurs to be blamed. They were extinct!

Why would you bring them back to life and expect them to behave like farm animals?


14. The terminator in the movie Terminator


The machines are all sentient now, just like the humans, and because of this, they also are technically a species.

And if the humans, as always, want to kill off all the machines, obviously the machines will try to keep their race alive, right?

That’s exactly what they did when they sent the Terminator back in time.


15. Roy in the movie The Blade Runner


Roy is a machine that wants to live. In Blade Runner, all of these machines are terminated one by one by a bounty hunter of sorts. Roy just tries very hard to stay alive – the same self-preservation instincts humans show when their lives are in danger.

And in the end, he lets the bounty hunter who was sent to kill him live.


16. Ajay Sharma in Baazigar


A man throws his father out from his own company and that incident leads to illness and death of both his father and his sister.

Ajay Sharma should have stayed in control after he wrested back his father’s company, but overwhelmed by the spirit of vengeance, kills his enemy’s daughter too.

Yes, he overreached, but he did pay for it with his life, in the end, didn’t he?


17. Baldev Singh in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge


He was a responsible father who still had his snaskaar game very strong. Also, SRK in the movie doesnt really sound like an achiever or a person who will be very good with responsibilities in the future.

Full marks to Baldev Singh for stalling until he was fully sure.


18. King Kong in King Kong


He was very content on the island, eating one human a month and chilling out in his ape cave. Then filmmakers had to come and anesthetize him and take him to a foreign trip all blacked out.

Not to mention he fell in love too and then woke up in a strange place. How would you have behaved?


19. Liaqat in the movie Roja


Liaqat is a man of principals. He really believed in everything he did. There was a time when he had doubts too, but he still followed it up with introspection and carried on with his work. He believed in his ideals and in the end even let the enemy of his ideals go.

Do you have any movie in mind where the villains actually were doing the right thing?

Let us know in the comments below.



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