You Will Never Ask Your Girlfriend To Send You Her Nude Selfies After Watching This Video

click here to watch the video on youtube

Perhaps one of the most eagerly awaited stages in a relationship, of course, beside the one in which you get laid, is the nude selfie stage. Considering it’s so difficult to find a private moment with your girlfriend in our country, receiving her nude selfie is like hitting a jackpot.

But it’s a rather risky territory you are treading on. Think for a moment, what if a friend who knows your passcode accesses your phone and stumbles upon the selfie? What if he forwards it to someone? What if you phone is stolen and you have an easy passcode? What if you accidentally send it to a wrong number?!

Well, watch this video by Purani Dilli Talkies in which they tell us how a nude selfie can get distributed rather easily, even if unwillingly. So, next time, instead of asking your girlfriend to send her nude selfie, get up and go to her house!



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