‘The Great Khali’ suffers severe head injuries during fight, hospitalised

‘The Great Khali’ suffers severe head injuries during fight, hospitalised

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‘The Great Khali’ suffers severe head injuries during fight, hospitalised

WWE wrestler Dalip Singh Rana, popularly known with the nomenclature ‘The Great Khali’, was severely injured during a promotional event in Haldwani on Wednesday.

Former WWE champion Khali was taking part in an event to promote his wrestling competition Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) when two foreign wrestlers clobbered the giant with chairs. Visibly shaken, Khali started to bleed and was immediately rushed to the ICU at a local hospital. He received seven stitches to his head due to the injuries and complained of back and chest pain.

With the hospital incapable of providing adequate care to once Punjab policeman, he was airlifted to Max Hospital in Dehradun. There he underwent CT Scans and received treatment for chest injuries.

Khali said he was in the max hospital in Haridwar and was waiting for the doctors’ call on the extent of his injuries.

“He was hit by Mike Knox and Brody Steel in the head and the chest which led to him getting injured. The medical care in Haldwani wasn’t adequate so he was airlifted to Dehradun where he underwent further tests,” said a source close to the event.

His younger brother Surender Rana stated that the wrestler was now better and only kept in the hospital for observation.

“He is fine now. Yes he was hit in the head and chest during the event in Haldwani but luckily the situation is not bad. My brother was with him at the time and I am headed to Dehradun as well,” said Surender.

The wrestler is scheduled to be in the ring again on 28th February in Dehradun but that is subject to his recovery from now on.

“There is no definite answer on his involvement for the Dehradun event. We will only know the final word when the doctors tell us and there are no early synopsis either. Even if he doesn’t participate, the event will go ahead as planned,” added the source.


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