15 Smells In This World That Give You Instant Happiness

Some smells in this world are better than the best of concocted perfumes.

They tantalize our brains and literally make us lose track of the present for the time we inhale the scent. For most of us, a lot of the smells we like vary from person to person.

But some of them are loved by many of us, and for the time the fragrance lasts, it makes us very happy.

1. The smell of soil after the first rains



2. The smell of freshly mowed grass



3. A basket full of laundered clothes


The smell of detergent and clean clothes is so good you can fall asleep in them.


4. The smell of the pages of a new book


Flipping through the pages with your nose right in front of the leaves.


5. The smell of freshly showered hair of your love


You want your face to vanish in those locks forever.


6. The smell when you walk through a spice market


Your brain literally goes into the zone where it tries to figure out which spice it is smelling.


7. When your crush walks by and you wonder what perfume she is wearing


And you may or may never know what that fragrance was.


8. The delicate fumes of petrol as you fill it in your vehicle at a petrol pump


It is weird how good petrol fumes smell.


9. The smell of your home after you visit it after a long time


You’d almost forgotten what childhood smelled like.


10. The smell of street food cooking in open pans as you walk through the city in the evening


Especially during the monsoons.


11. The sudden smell of night blooming Jasmine as you are walking on a road at night


And you look for the flowers because you cannot figure out where the fragrance is coming from.


12. The smell of your grandmother


Grandmothers smell like love.


13. The smell of freshly cut lemons



14. The smell when you sprinkle baby powder on a freshly washed baby


Talc plus baby smell is adorable.


15. The smell of freshly ground coffee beans


Nothing quite like it.

Are there any other smells that give you peace and happiness?

Share them with us in the comments.



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