13 Subtle Advantages Of Not Getting Married At All


This word comes not just with a lot of responsibility but also with some things that are mostly or partially unwelcome. Especially to women. At least in India, it’s something that doesn’t just bring together two people, but two (or more) families.

Here are a few things that you are better off, ergo you are better off marriage. At least for now.

1. You won’t have to rely on an individual for all your emotional needs.


2. You won’t have to give to an unwelcome self-definition that especially some women have to after getting married.


3. You can have your whole bed to yourself.


4. You career can remain your top priority.


5. Your social life stays the way you want it to.


6. You won’t have to worry about having or raising kids. And in case you do want to have a kid to give your love and caring, you can do so whether or not your are married.


7. You will be able to actually have a moment to yourself.


8. You will be able to travel, wherever you want, whenever you want.


9. Instead of feeling responsible for someone all the time, you can have more time for your all the people in your life.


10. You’ll get to stay out of all financial and legal entanglements that come with marriage.


11. You get to save your money more efficiently and on your own terms.



12. You won’t need to hesitate before treating yourself with something nice.


13. Not getting married does not mean you cannot love or be dedicated to someone else.

If at all you do, take the plunge wisely. :)



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