15 Ways Of Getting Rid Of That Creative Block Which Is Stopping Your Artistic Flow

A block in your mind.

More popularly known as the Writer’s block, but this happens to everyone all the time. You don’t really have to an artist to be in a fix like this but an artist’s livelihood comes in serious threat when this unwanted guest surpasses knocking on the doors of your brain and makes itself at home quite easily.

Here are a few ways of getting rid of it and getting your creativity back.

1. Break your routine. Routine kills creativity.

Where’s the room for being creative?


2. Pull out all the ideas you’ve put on the backburner.

They’ve been sitting like the bride of a soldier waiting for you, bro.


3. Don’t go back into your work looking for inspiration.

You’ll keep coming back to the same solutions as you did before and you’re not going to like it.


4. Get out on the streets and take pictures of anything and everything to see if anything inspires you.

The world has so much to give!


5. Watch the Matrix Trilogy to get the creative adrenaline running.

The movies are riddled with hidden meanings. Give your mind some Neo exercise. 😛


6. Go on a diet, frustration is at its peak on an empty stomach and frustration will fuel your creativity.

Don’t you feel your angriest when you’re hungry? Use your angst to create something.


7. Radically different from the previous point, get down to cooking and get creative with your food.

You are Picasso and the kitchen your canvas.


8. Watch other people be creative on YouTube. Jealousy is the best policy.

They’re shitting rainbows. Literally.


9. Air guitar to Slash’s singles just for fun.

Feel like you’re good at something else too, for a change. 😀


10. Dance like a maniac in front of the mirror and make yourself roll on the floor laughing.

Laughing frees you, so will it free your mind.


11. Read the books or examine the work of the artists you envy with all your heart.

What’s better than that!


12. Think of how famous people like Oprah would do your job.

Maybe that’s the way to go.


13. Procrastinate and push yourself into fear of losing your sanity.

When your tail is on fire, you tend to run faster.


14. Destroy a few things (material things you have no love for, btw) and try to put them together back again.

Even if you’re not able to put them all together, you’ll come up with reusing them to create something amazing!


15. Watch something scary to get fascinating nightmares.

Your nightmares can turn into your future stories. B|

Don’t you wish you had a creative block just to be an excuse to go mad hatter?

Peace out. B|


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