7 Hair Care Beliefs That Are Actually Damaging

So you are all set for your wedding, fixed appointments with your beautician, made your trousseau shopping list and decided your look for the big day. This is the time when everyone you meet is up with some advice for you, either for your outfit, makeup, skin or hair. Especially when it comes to hair care, there are at least a dozen beliefs and tips that every person wants you to follow. But did you know that some of these are actually not true at all, and can in fact damage your hair? Read on, as we bust seven such popular notions.

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#1. More you comb, better it is for hair growth

Regular combing is necessary for tangle-free and healthy looking hair. It also promotes blood circulation in the scalp. So, this belief might have some creditable origins. But if you overdo it and do not use a wide-toothed comb, there are all the chances that you pull the hair off the follicles making the strands weak. Frequent combing can also irritate the scalp, further damaging the follicles. So, just be gentle and use a wide-toothed comb to untangle hair.

#2. Frequent shampooing prevents oily hair

Hormonal and genetic factors regulate how much oil is produced by our scalp. Shampooing will only cleanse your scalp and hair. It cannot control how much oil is produced. In fact, too much shampooing can leave your hair brittle by sapping it off the natural, essential oil. (READ: 6 Benefits Of Olive Oil For Your Hair)

#3. Some hair products repair split ends

Split ends are caused by the wear and tear of hair because of rough handling. Another reason is not regularly oiling and cleansing the hair. The only cure for split ends is trimming your hair regularly, and conditioning it well. Experimenting with too many fancy products will not only burn a hole in your pocket, but also make your hair weak.

#4. Frequent trimming helps in hair growth

This is one of the favourite beliefs that many of us hold and pass on. The known fact, however, is that hair grow at the roots, and trimming the edges has no significance whatsoever, on the growth. All regular trimming can do is to make you look well-groomed and your hair well-managed by eliminating split ends. So, go ahead and do get a trim regularly, but only with the intention to look better. As far as hair growth is concerned, everyone’s hair grows about half an inch every month. So as a matter of fact, too much trimming might actually slow down the results you are looking for! Must Read: 4 Popular Hairstyles That You Must Do Away With To Avoid Hair Loss

#5. Only animal protein is best for your hair

Animal protein from sources like eggs, chicken and fish, is actually very good for your hair. But it does not mean that vegetarians cannot have healthy hair! In fact, if you over indulge in animal proteins, you run a risk of piling on excessive calories as well. So, your regular pulses, lentils, nuts, soya, and milk products are absolutely perfect too.

#6. Some shampoos and oils can boost hair growth instantly

It is no secret that the quality and health of your hair is governed largely by your genes. This also holds true for hair growth. Your hair growth can slow down a little bit as you age. But with a well-nourishing diet, enough exercise, and regular hair cleansing routine, you can have a normal, healthy hair growth (READ: Yoga Exercises For Faster Hair Growth). Topical application of shampoos, serums or oils can do nothing exceptional for hair growth.

#7. Protein-based shampoos nourish your hair ‘from within’

It is true that hair is composed of protein and it does need protein to remain healthy. But, all the protein that it needs, it gets from your diet. The scalp needs nourishment from within for hair growth. The so-called “protein based” shampoos will do nothing more than clean your hair; and, their excessive use will leave your hair dry.

We would say, not just for your wedding, but also for later, getting your facts right before you fall prey to hearsay would be great for healthy hair.



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