8 Relationship Problems Even The Happiest Of Couples Face

Being in love is a lifelong process and while there are many couples who work hard for their relationship, and are actually successful at it, there are some issues and situations which are unavoidable. Here are 8 issues which even the ‘perennially in love’ couples experience:

1. Those times when you are thinking of being monogamous with the person you love but you can’t help it when that sceptical line of thought ‘How does the world do it? Maybe they don’t,’ creeps in your mind.


2. When you readily accept your partner and proclaim that their past doesn’t bother you, until some gory details of their past reach your ears through a third source and suddenly you find those self-proclaimed confident words tearing at  your heart.


3. Those ‘rare’ times when the secret wave of jealousy crawls in, and instead of being a supportive lover, you unknowingly end up being a cheap prick to them.


4. When one of the two has been planning for an outing or an event since forever and the other person is not interested, but have to feign interest out of sheer love. The house comes down when the planning partner ‘realises’ that the other one is not up for it, and an argument follows. Every single time.


5. When one of the partners is caught lying for the most trivial and harmless reasons, and then suddenly, their credibility is at stake, even though temporarily. That sucks.


6. Those odd impromptu sex nights where you sometimes imagine someone else instead of your partner and secretly feel guilty about it, or giggle about it later.


7. When sometimes, in the middle of a heated argument, one of the partner says something grievingly hurtful or demeaning about their significant other and the equation between the two changes, for a crazy long period of time.


8. When you recall about the things that actually glue you together and a blatant realisation of the fact that the majority of things that keep you together are not romantic in nature at all hits you hard. But you know that, funnily, whatever it is, it is working like magic. Unseen but existent.



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