13 Things You See In Your Dreams And What They Really Mean

Dreams are a fascinating phenomenon. They leave us with a sense of uncertainty, and we keep decoding the mysteries behind them. Particularly when we can’t remember them, or just remember bits of it. In fact, studies have shown that the human mind remembers only 5% of its dreams. But if you have observed some recurring themes in your dreams and have no idea what they mean, we are here to solve your problem.

While there are no universal definitions of what a dream means, these interpretations will help you get a clear picture and might help you to re-analyse your life.

1. Exams

Exam room

Flickr.com/Andrea Pesce

Exams are quite a common theme in dreams. People dream of going back to school and failing in exams, or giving their board exams again and again. This signifies self evaluation. It may not necessarily deal with performance or marks, but could refer to a general evaluation on, both, the personal and professional fronts.

2. Missing a flight.


Flickr.com/Christian Junker

Remember that line from Jab We Met? ‘Aisa lag raha tha jaise train chootne wali ho,’? This is yet another recurring dream theme. It appears the most when you are struggling to make an important decision in your life. Similarly, missing a flight or any other form of transport symbolises missing opportunities in life.

3. Animals


Flickr.com/Jeff Krause

This means you are connected to nature or are constantly thinking of survival. Being chased by another animal suggests that you are holding something back.

4. Death



First off, dreaming of death is not a prediction of any sort. If you’ve been heartbroken because of the death of a loved one, this simply conveys coming to terms with it. Additionally, dreams related to death are concerned with endings and new beginnings.

5. Falling



Dreaming that you are falling highlights anxiety. It depicts fear of losing control on your life, or the fear of letting go of someone who means the world to you. On the whole, it represents our insecurities.

6. Roads


Flickr.com/Nikos Koutoulas

Roads are a sign of journeys or destinations. If you see a road in your dream, it could be in relation to your life’s current direction.

7. Being trapped physically.

being trapped

Flickr.com/Michael Gil

This is one of the most common nightmare themes. It implies that you are unable to make the correct choice or your inability in doing the right thing.

8. Being followed.

being followed

Flickr.com/Mahmood Salem

Dreams that involve you being followed are commonplace. This simply means that you’re threatened by someone depending on who’s chasing you in the dream.

9. Teeth


Flickr.com/Oliver Stor

If you dream of losing all your teeth, it symbolises the fear of getting older and becoming unattractive.

10. Vehicles



Vehicles are a symbol of control. Prominent dreams with vehicles display over-speeding and losing control of the car.

11. Water


Flickr.com/Royce Bair

Water represents the unconscious mind, but it refers to several themes. Calm water denotes inner peace whereas waves represent an upheaval.

12. Killing



Breathe a sigh of relief because this does not mean that you are a murderer or are about to be murdered.

Killing could mean broadly two things – bitterness towards a person or an urge to eliminate a part of your own personality.

13. Mountains



Mountains denote obstacles. If you have dreamed of successfully climbing a mountain, it marks a sense of achievement.

On the other hand, if you dream of going up a mountain again and again, this signifies the intensity of effort you are putting into your goals. But if you are looking down from a hill top, then it represents your own life under review.



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