11 Signs You’re Actually Great At Handling Life

Success is a state of mind.

Yes, you might have all the money and all the luxuries you’ve always wanted, but there’s another mantra you should follow to be innately happy and, in your own way, successful.

If you think you’re not handling your life well, read on to find out, because maybe, you are:

1. You learn from your mistakes


You learn, and never repeat it.


2. You work on building yourself to be a better person


You’re unfazed by competition. Your only competition is you.


3. You strive to find the positive in every situation


Even when there is none left.


4. You’ve learned to accept your flaws with pride


Because when you accept your own flaws, no one can point them out.


5. And you’re confident of all the good qualities you have


Confident, yet humble.


6. You smile, a lot




7. And you cry when you have to cry


Because there needs to be an outlet for your feelings of every kind.


8. When you’re done with the tears, you build a bridge and get over it


And don’t look back.


9. You know how to handle your professional and personal lives perfectly


You give time to your work and your family/friends wholeheartedly.


10. You are honest and guiltless


When you’re filled with true confidence, there’s no need to be afraid of having an opinion.


11. And lastly, you give zero fucks


You don’t care about the opinions of people who only want to bring you down. You’re open to criticism, but you know when to spot the bullshit and not bother.

Even though you might not have the perfect job or a lot of money, these little things make you successful. Remember that these things make you good at handling life, so keep your head held high!



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