10 Compliments A Guy Really Wants To Hear From A Girl

We men are simple creatures. We don’t require extravagant gifts and over-the-top gestures. A simple statement acknowledging us is enough to win us over.

So if you’re going to compliment, we don’t need cute and cheesy one-liners. Here’s a rough guide to what might help you.

1. “Your mother raised you well.”

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Every man, no matter how matured and successful, always loves his mother. And when a woman compliments on his mother’s upbringing of him, it makes him swell with joy and that’s probably all you will need.


2. “I’ve never met anyone like you.”

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No one likes to be compared. Even if it’s for a positive quality, no one wants to be ‘another one.’ If there’s anything in the guy that surprises you, or makes you believe they’re different, tell them.


3. “You seem like quite the intellectual.”

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Men are better than their appearance and physique. Go for their brains. Smart men like to be pointed out that they can hold an engaging conversation, and if you challenge them, or spark up a debate, you’ve already won him over.


4. “You dress like a true gentleman.”

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Hipsters were never in popular fashion. Gentleman are a class apart. When your guy friend has a good fashion sense, acknowledging that won’t swell his ego and will make him more confident around you.


5. “You are lovely company.”

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All a guy really wants is that you enjoy whatever time you spend with him. And when you tell him that his company is well worth the time you spend, he’ll know that you are a keeper, and you’ll know that so is he.


6. “I feel comfortable in your presence.”

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The biggest compliment a man can get is that the woman he’s with feels secure and comfortable in her own skin. Once awkwardness is out of the window, all that is left is good vibes.


7. “You have a rather refined taste.”

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The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And perhaps the only thing that men love more than a woman’s company is food and drink. And when the same woman tells him that his choice is really good? Gold, girl. You just struck gold.


8. “You have a brilliant sense of humour.”

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Women love it when guys can make them laugh easily. And an impeccable sense of humour goes a long way in sealing the deal for a woman. So, dear women, if you laugh at his jokes, tell him you find him funny, and you’ll never have a dull moment with him.


9. “Your empathetic nature makes you the perfect leader.”

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Guys love to feel and act as if they’re the alpha. And when their understanding nature and strong qualities show you that they might be experts at being leaders, give his ego a little nudge, and it’ll go a long way for the both of you.


10. “Your father surely speaks proudly of you at all times.”

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This is the final boss round. And this compliment always works. All guys strive to be a mirror image of the man they’ve emulated all their lives, their fathers. And when that is pointed out to them, you’ve landed yourself a happy happy man.

So there you have it, a no-nonsense guide to complimenting guys, and what they really like to hear.


Guys, tell us in the comments, what do you like to hear as compliments?



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