11 Things To Do When You Feel Like Running Away From Everything

It has happened to me several times, and I’m sure it has happened to you too. You feel restless, irritated, alone and do not want to face anyone. Not your friends, not your boyfriend/girlfriend, not even your parents. You don’t feel like sitting in the office, and the thought of going home doesn’t excite you either. You feel abandoned, but you don’t want any company at the same time. It’s all very messed up. :/

Here are 11 things you can do when you feel like running away from everything that exists.

1. Go for a candle light dinner at a fancy restaurant, ALONE.

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You would have already reached a point where you have stopped caring about what ‘people’ think. Take a long hot shower, take out your best dress, and go to your favourite restaurant. Order a good meal and enjoy it alone. Relish every bite and let your mind wander. This alone time will relax you.


2. Call that person you haven’t talked to since years.

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You are probably pissed at everything and everyone in your life right now, so talk to someone who has been out of your life. When you’ll listen to fresh stories and tell yours to someone who hasn’t talked to you since long, it will make you forget your troubles.


3. Sleep on it.

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Sometimes, you do need to go in a hibernation mode. Sleep for 12 hours straight. Forget everything and sleep for the whole day. Both your body and mind will relax and you will get the much-needed rest.


4. Make a spa appointment.

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You will thank yourself for doing this later. You just have to lie and let it lose for good 2 hours. Pamper yourself and meanwhile think about how your can straighten things out that are messed up in your life.


5. Take a looooong bubble bath.

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Decorate your bathroom with small candles, play some light music and get in the tub. It’s not only a great stress buster, it will also make your body clean. You will feel much lighter.


6. Do yoga and meditation.

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As cliche as it may sound, it always works. Some basic stretches in peace and meditation with quiet breathing will calm you down. Focus on your breathing pattern and try to control your mind from wandering. You can play a light music in the background if you want.


7. Take a small and solo vacation.

Image Source

Take a Friday off and travel alone to some place new. Spend some money, meet some new people, click good pictures, try different cuisines. It will cheer up your mood.


8. Redecorate your room.

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You home plays a major role in your mood cycle. It’s the place you go back to, to feel comfortable and relaxed. If the thought of going back to your place turns you off, then make it a place you will like. Buy your favourite posters, put some fairy lights, make a bulletin board and hang some pictures. You’ll feel much better.


9. Binge watch, whatever you want!

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Sometimes, you badly need an escape from the real world, even if it is for a little while. That’s when the fictional world comes to the rescue. Watch your favourite movie, or your favourite TV series. You need some time alone with your favourite characters.


10. Clean.

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Arrange your cupboard, change your bedsheets, clear out your fridge, line up your shoe rack, delete all those spam emails from your inbox, throw all the useless things you have been piling up. You will feel a thousand kgs lighter, believe me!


11. Go through old/happy memories.

Image Source

Take out your yearbook, old albums or scroll really down on Facebook. Read your old status updates, look through old pictures and videos. They will definitely cheer you up.

Hope this was helpful.
Until next time… :) 



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