15 Images That Adorably Illustrate the Struggles of a Single Girl

Being a single girl is awesome! No one to tell you what to do, what to wear, or whom to talk to. But there are also the lows, because sometimes it’s nice to have someone to cuddle and talk to when you’re having a bad day.

To document the highs and lows of being a single girl in today’s day and age, Russian illustrator extraordinaire, Landysh, created a series of illustrations that tell it like it is, in the cutest way possible.

Landysh is the illustrator for Lingvistov , a company founded by two girls, which is responsible for making some of the funniest and most adorable cartoons on the internet. And this time, single girls like herself are her muse.

Here are 15 things that every single girl can relate to. In pursuit of a partner or not, these are sure to have you in splits.

All images are the property of Lingvistov . Find more of their brilliant workhere .



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