9 Reasons Why You Look Great In Real Life But Bad In Photos

Unless and until you are very photogenic or have an extremely good photographer friend, you have had that moment in life where you have absolutely hated your own picture.

That and a lot of subsequent ones. Photography is a technical skill and hence it takes a lot of attention to detail. It is not just a click of a button as we think it to be.

Even clicking a photo on a smartphone takes a lot of attention and care. Here are the possible reasons why your photos are not as good as the selfie king in your group.

1. The photo was clicked at the wrong instant


This is the reason photographers take thousands of photos before settling on the perfect one. Always take multiple shots and settle for the best one.


2. You were over-reliant on the camera flash


Try to take pictures in natural lighting rather than using the camera flash. Too much of flash or too less make your pics look bad.


3. The picture showed the wrong side of your face


One side of your face is always more unappealing than the other side. Why? Because human faces are not perfectly symmetrical.


4. You fake smiled


An unnatural smile makes the whole picture look bad. Smile genuinely, the picture should flatter your face because of the smile.


5. You just like looking in the mirror a lot more


We are used to seeing our reflection in the mirror since our childhood. We are so used to that reflection, a real picture might look very weird to us. This phenomenon is called themere exposure effect.

You always love what you are habituated to. Any changes are not really welcoming, even when the photograph looks good to other people.


6. You have a bad chemistry with the photographer


There is a reason painters and photographers have muses. Your equation with the photographer also matters. If the chemistry between you two is not good, the photos are not going to turn out to be good.


7. You are too close or too far to the camera


Believe it or not, but your face will look completely different depending on the distance between you and the lens. That is why you need to take multiple shots from different distances to figure out the distance.


8. You smiled for too long


And now your facial muscles are too tired to smile right. Do not start smiling too soon. Wait for the photographer’s cue and then let loose the infectious smile.


9. You are uncomfortable being photographed


Granted that you are not that photogenic, but if you want to be photographed, try to be comfortable and actually care for it for the time it takes you to get photographed. You need to put in some effort in it too.

And do not hate your photos so much, because it is a bit like listening to yourself on a recording. It may not sound so well at the start, but as you keep learning the skill and in this case – posing well and keeping all the details in mind, you will end up with a perfect click too.

Until then, do not stop smiling. :)


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