This Is What A Mole On Your Body Says About Your Personality!! Anupama Srivastava

You have been looking at yourself in the mirror all your life and have noticed some blemishes, moles etc. on your body. Our elders say that they say and mean something. But you hadn’t thought about it any day!

The Chinese as well as the Hindu astrology believe that moles on different parts of the body can tell a lot about the person’s personality as well as his/her future. This small “til” holds great information if it is read properly. Every location on which it is located suggests different meanings and interpretations.

Here is the list of some perceptions of presence of moles at some parts of our body:

15. Below Eyebrow – You are very creative if you have a mole here. You have many creative ideas and you should explore the creative side of your personality a lot since that is where your true skill lies.


14. Left Cheek – This means you are an introvert or homebody. You tend to keep to yourself and have significant difficulty in expressing your feeling to strangers. You, however, are able to express yourself after yu have spent time with people.

3d5664bd-3bca-4530-8766-431c82a0f516_tabletSource: thefamouspeople

13. Neck – It says that you are liked by everybody as you have a good personality. You are the most popular guy/girl in the group and you tend to have your way in a lot of things.

4c3c7327-1018-49a1-b13d-548f3b5c2717_tabletSource: kdramastars

12. Feet – Mole on feet means you will travel and have adventure. So get ready to go places. Pack your bags Gals!!

5f0d2fe4-b969-4457-99ed-7d105e16505e_tabletSource: galleryhip

11. Right Side of Your Forehead – This will give you a lot of money, fame and success. Check if you have any. Bigger the mole, more is its impact !!


10. Shoulder – Responsible and sensible but never boring. People can depend on you for their most important tasks. You are any Boss’ true delight.

7b406e4b-07ff-467f-bc51-37e15dac1bf0_tabletSource: diply

9. Sclera – This signifies easy money, if it is on your right eyeball and if it is on left, it signifies arrogance. Now, this is really rare so if you have one then enjoy its effects.



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