21 Touches That Give You Instant Happiness

You see something beautiful.

It smells beautiful.

And sounds beautiful too.

But when you touch it, and when it feels beautiful, it is as if the touch validates everything beautiful about it. That is why a touch is so sacred. That is why a touch needs consent – because you are announcing your presence in this world to a person or an object by bringing yourself into contact.

In a way, you are opening yourself too, by letting go of inhibitions and finally touching.

And that is why some things feel so good when you touch them. The tingling of the nerves just under the skin of your fingers sends a cascade of pleasure signals that release a gush of happiness right inside your brain.

1. The touch of pure cashmere silk


And the reluctance of letting it go inside a garment shop after you started touching it.


2. A brand new banknote


The feel of the engravings and patterns on brand new notes is so good, you want to touch them all day.


3. Finely polished wood


It is then that you start admiring a carpenter’s artistry.


4. The touch of a just washed wiped and waxed car


And the sound of squeak as you run your finger over the smooth and clean hood.


5. The touch of your skin after you wash, pat and moisturize


After a long day in the office and traveling through the pollution.


6. The shoulder of your best friend when you are walking the city streets


The touch of friendship and comradeship.


7. The hands of your loved one when crossing the streets


Concern and safety hand in hand.


8. The fur of your pet when it comes to you to cuddle


“Give us some love.”


9. A shaved head with a couple of days of hair on it


The feeling of bristles that tickle your palm as you rub it against the bald head.


10. The feel of a cleanly pressed suit hanging in the wardrobe


For a moment the suit is just perfect in the wardrobe, hanging in the perfect shape, feeling perfect.


11. The touch of a perfect smartphone that doesn’t lag at all


It helps when the phone is brand new.


12. The comfort of your mother’s pallu


All the worries of the world disappear.


13. The unpainted and unplastered walls of the house you bought with your own hard-earned money


Hard work translated into a home for you.


14. Embossed letters on a book cover


Running your fingers over the emboss and then over the pages of the same book.


15. A hot mug of coffee/tea on a cold winter morning after a long drive to the office


You can feel the warmth being absorbed into your body.


16. The touch of flower petals in a garden


They seem so delicate and gentle. It is heaven if there is some dew on them.


17. Anything with a matte finish


The best paint finish to touch and be happy.


18. Running your hands in fine sand


And watching the sand slip and fall through your fingers.


19. Touching perfectly rounded pebbles


And to think that they were rounded over thousands of years because of water.


20. When you are on a boat and you put your hand in the water


And watch how your fingers cause the ripples in the perfectly still water.


21. Pressurized shaving cream from a can


Synthetic foam feels so good!

Go and cherish these touches once again…

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