16 things Women do that Annoy’s Men.

We all have an idea of what really turns men on – sexy lingerie, a voluptuous figure and that come-hither look. However, men beg to differ! While there are certain things that always work in your favour, this list of 15 things is on every man’s mustn’t-do list.

Too much make up: While it’s great to look presentable and sexy, don’t overdo the make up. All that war paint will just make him wonder where’s the real you under all those

Assuming things: I am guilty of doing this. When I say ‘Fine. Don’t come for my BFF’s house-warming party,’ I assume that my husband knows that I really want him to come and buy a gift too. Well, needless to say, it doesn’t really help in upping the desirable factor.

Nagging: Let’s be honest here. Guys need to be nagged or we’ll never get our work done. But we need to draw a line and not let nagging rule the relationship.

Too much mothering: Many of us just have this instinct to take care of people. Guess we need to know the difference between mothering and smothering. While it’s okay to worry about him, calling him up every 15 minutes and asking him about his plans is not!

Over-sharing: Yes, this is quite real. While it’s okay to share your feelings and thoughts, giving him too much information all the time just kills the ‘sexy’ in the relationship.

Ignoring the little things: I got this one straight from a friend. Ignoring small thoughtful acts and always expecting OTT surprises just doesn’t motivate your man to go that extra mile.

Mocking their boy gang: I don’t really agree with this because let’s be honest, guys tend to take boy-bonding to some rather eww levels. However, general bashing of their guy buddies doesn’t go down too well with men.

Long fingernails: This might seem a tad silly but a lot of guys seems to associate big talons with witches! Go figure.

Being rude: If you are rude to the waiter on your first date, he will notice and trust me, it’ll reflect badly on you.

Being too easy: Nothing sexual about this. Being too easy generally – always giving in to avoid confrontations, trying too hard to please et all doesn’t go down too well with the boys.

Giving out mixed signals: Either you like him or you don’t. Trust us, playing hard to get is a bit too overrated. Be honest with your feelings to make things easier and fun.

Trying to change him: Well, you wouldn’t like it if he wants to change you so why do it to him? Right?

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Excess gossiping: If you ask me I’d say men are as big on gossip as women, yet there is certain gossip that must be reserved for your girls only.

Playing dumb: Guy speak – We know it and we don’t like it.
Making him jealous: Jealousy is anyway an emotion that must be out of your relationship. However, going out of your way to make him jealous and get some attention is just so not done.




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