Can You Count The Number Of Girls In This Picture? This Is Mind Boggling!

Okay, so the internet strikes back with yet another picture that has everyone losing their shit over. And trust us when we say this, it really is going to make your head spin. Take a look. How many girls do you see? Two? Three? Four? Fifty?





You think two? Do you see that bracelet? It’s definitely not two of them. Mindfucked? Kthnxbye.


Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari originally posted the photo as part of an Instagram hashtag project but it has sent social media into a spin as thousands guess how many are in the photo

But it has become something of an optical illusion when people started debating how many girls were posing in the photo.

It has been shared more than 12,800 times since Ms Vergari posted it one week ago.

The photo has attracted thousands of comments as people debate whether there is two, four, five and even 13 girls.

mensxp and daily





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