#Relationshipgoals From Movies: Get A Reality Check!

1. Playing With Dupatta1. Playing With Dupatta

The Indian Dupatta, looks super romantic on TV. The guy feels it and smells it, but in reality just try dancing with it, your girl will definitely fall down By the way, who throws dupatta on boyfriend’s head?

2. Guy Holding Girl In His Arms2. Guy Holding Girl In His Arms

The oops falling right into his arms because of some super slippery floor. And then the vigilant holding, eye contact. And Bamm. In Real life- that would never ever happen to you and your crush. Instead if you slip, you will fall clumsily. And you will end up looking around and thinking “did he watch me?” damn you TV.

3. Morning Kiss3. Morning Kiss

Even though you brush the night before, still it is impossible to even breathe through your own mouth, the next morning. Forget about kissing your partner with that stinky mouth. Not romantic at all!

4. Kissing All Of Sudden4. Kissing All Of Sudden

A sudden kiss can only look romantic in TV but in reality, it will probably lead you to ‘thappad’. Try it at your own risk!

5. Romancing Under Rain5. Romancing Under Rain

Romancing under water is also only for actors In reality it’s wet, uncomfortable and cold! You will end up sneezing and shivering….uuuugghh!

6. Sex On The Beach!6. Sex On The Beach!

Sex on the beach looks so romantic on TV! But take our word it’s been over romanticized in movies because in reality sand gets in everywhere and off course a lot of people will end make your MMS.

7. Loving Vampires And Ghosts7. Loving Vampires And Ghosts

Sexy vampires exist only in TV. In reality, how can anyone fall in love with a vampire? We just want regular guys, they anyways come with a lot of baggage. Who has the time and energy for supernatural beings?

8. Seducing Through Mangoes

8. Seducing Through Mangoes

In the fetish for mangoes, the actress looks so sensuous on TV . But in reality you will make a mess of yourself. Seducing your man by eating mangoes, super flop idea. It can only give orgasm to bees not

9. Cuddling And Sleeping

9. Cuddling And Sleeping

Sleeping and cuddling doesn’t works in reality. Everyone wants to own the bed; nobody wants a crick in the neck. We need space!

And last but not the least, all the reel life things have happy endings but in reality, there are no happy endings! happy endings happen only when you learn to adjust with what you have and do not try to copy someone else.



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