This Young Woman From Kerala Called Off Her Wedding Because She Didn’t Want To Buy A Groom With Dowry

Remya Ramachandran

about 4 months ago

Dear friends ,
Thanks for your huge support . I’m overwhelmed . I juz wanted to let my circle know about cancellation of marriage ,never expected this to be a break . Meanwhile I would like to explain that it was my declaration of a decision .Never had an intention to hurt anyone specifically. Please dont use my post for personalized humiliation ,instead use it against our social norms.

People are ignorant for their own convenience and profit .

Thank you once again 🙂


Being a Malayalee, and getting married in Kerala myself, have taught me some really important things in life regarding our own culture and the ‘realistic’ state of affairs in God’s Own Country.

In a state, bride’s are valued only by the amount of gold they wear, it’s seldom that we hear tales  of women who stand up against the societal norms which moved into a patriarchial monotony from a matriarchal system gradually.

But then such women do exist and Keralites are slowly warming up to them.

She refused to pay dowry to buy a groom


Here’s the story of Remya Ramachandran, originally from Thrissur, who resides in Goa who actually struck down a marriage proposal after the groom’s family demanded dowry.

Here’s  the translation of her Facebook post which went viral:

This is for those friends who have been asking me about marriage. Those people who, prior to engagement, kept saying that they didn’t need anything else other than me suddenly found an urge to demand Rs 50 Lakhs and 50 sovereigns of gold (400 gms of gold in Kerala). Since I am a strongly disapprove of  dowry and  think that buying my way into such a family is a loss-making decision, I have decided to call off my wedding. Thanks. Remya

Here’s the original post in Malayalam:

The sheer honestly and guts shining through the post made it one of the most viral posts across Malayalee and some non-malayalee users.

She then expressed her gratitude for the support but also urged the people sharing the post to not use it for personal attacks on the rejected groom and his dejected family.

We wish that more such decisions are made and shared so that the social evil called dowry can be irradicated once and for all and we find #NoGroomsOnAuction.


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