In A Heart Touching Story, A Sweeper’s Daughter Dumped Her To-Be Groom To Protect Her Father’s Honour

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to bring smile on your parents’ face, to make them proud of you, to show them how important they are to you. It is in these moments that we realize that nobody in the world could love us like our families. This girl probably had the same realization when she fought for her father’s honour, even at the cost of letting go of the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Akash, a photographer shared a story on Facebook about a girl breaking her five year long relationship in an instant because her to-be in laws not only demanded dowry but also disrespected her father for being a sweeper.

To the world, he may have been a man who cleans up the mess, but to her, he was a superhero nonetheless. The internet is proud of you, girl!

I found out my daughter had an affair with a boy for five years. She never spoke about it as she is always afraid of me. Apart of it I assumed my children always hate me for the job I am doing since my childhood. I asked her to bring the boy and his family in our house. I decorated the house like a new bride and brought the best food for them. I have been saving for my daughter’s marriage for twenty years. That day my daughter was happiest than ever. When they started conversation they brought out a note of demand. They wanted all material things a family needs, I was calculating and nodded in agreement with every word they said. After all it’s about happiness of my daughter. The last point was they do not want me to introduce in front of their relatives and I should never go to visit my daughter. The moment they said it my daughter screamed in anger and by surprising all she slapped the boy. She angrily said, ‘My father can do the thing that no one can do. Not everyone can clean others mess. I am proud of what he does and if you do not leave my house in a minute I will beat you all.’ She broke the marriage proposal and ended her five years relationship in a second. From that day I know how fortunate and happy person I am.’ – Sweeper Monu lal



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