8 Food Companies We Had No Idea Were Owned By Celebrities

Need the perfect place to go on a romantic date? Ryan Gosling has got that figured out for you. Need to throw an epic party? George Clooney knows just the thing. Any takers for sipping sweet tea while talking about revolutionary politics? No? Aw, darn it — Rush Limbaugh will be disappointed. Here are 8 celebrities, and their food and drink companies that we never knew existed.

George Clooney & Casamigos Tequila
Interestingly, George Clooney and his friendRande Gerber didn’t set out to start a tequila company, they really just wanted some tequila for themselves. But when their distillery told them they were consuming about 1,000 bottles per year, they were “forced” to get a license and go legit. If that is really how much tequila they are consuming, I would love to ask Clooney his cure for a serious hangover! (Photo: AGF S. R. L./Rex Shutterstock).

The Casamigos Tequila commercial is meant to be funny, but am I the only one who thinks it’s a little weird? (Courtesy of Casamigos Tequila).

Ryan Gosling & Tagine Restaurant
Gosling co-owns a Moroccan restaurant in Beverly Hills. And while his place has earned some solid reviews, the internet has been sad that: A. Gosling does not show up at his own restaurant “enough” (though it seems if you are the L.A. Times, Gosling will be your waiter) and B. The restaurant websitehas a closeup shot of a light bulb instead of one of Gosling’s abs.”

Tagine looks like the perfect place to cozy up to Gosling for a date… Sorry! I mean, cozy up to your S.O., not Ryan Gosling. ‘Cause who would want to do that, right?

Marilyn Manson & Mansinthe
So apparently Marilyn Manson has an absinthe brand — who knew/is that not surprising at all? Despite owning the brand, he’s pretty open about the fact that he doesn’t indulge in the green fairy beverage anymore. Why? “I stopped drinking it myself out of vanity’s sake,” he told Noisey. “I just felt like it really restricted me from being fit enough to kick someone’s ass. Also, you know, when you’re fitter, “it makes your cock look bigger.” Alrighty then! (Photo: James McCauley/Rex Shutterstock).

The illustration on the cover of the Mansinthe bottle is supposed to be Marilyn Manson when he is a very old man. Seriously. (Courtesy of Mansinthe Absinthe).

Kyle Maclachlan & Pursued By Bear
Who knew that Trey from SATC is such an oenophile? While many celebrity wines are not known for their quality, Maclachlan’s has gained a lot of respect among wine connoisseurs of the world: Wine Spectator gave his wine a 91 out of 100, meaning it is “Outstanding: a wine of superior character and style” (Photo: Peter Brooker/Rex Shutterstock).

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Pursued by Bear’s name comes from Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale, and is meant to be a nod to the actor’s theatrical roots (Courtesy of Pursued by Bear).

Rachael Ray & Nutrish Pet Food
Rachael Ray’s pet food line, Nutrish, debuted in 2008 and it’s been a growing brand ever since. Ray’s commitment to animal welfare goes above and beyond that of many better known pet food companies. Not only does she donate 100% of the proceeds toanimal welfare charities, she has even admitted to taste testing the dog kibbles herself (Photo: Mark Sagliocco/FilmMagic/Getty Images).

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Nutrish Pet Food is available online and basically everywhere (Photo: Sergi Alexander/Getty Image).

Drew Barrymore & Barrymore Wines
Drew Barrymore says that she was involved in every step of the way in creating Barrymore Wines, and she is clearly proud of her endeavor. Press reviews of her wines have been all over the place, however: BuzzFeed rated it as a “Drink — Only In Case Of Emergency” wine, while her Pinot Grigio won gold at the prestigious Le Challenge International du Vin in France (Photo: Rex Shutterstock).

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Drew recently induced major envy when she Instagrammed her Barrymore Wines “research trip” throughout France’s wine country (Courtesy of Barrymore Wines).

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Rush Limbaugh & Two If By Tea
I am both surprised and totally not surprised that Rush Limbaugh has a sweet tea beverage company, and the brand is steeped in idealized American Revolutionary history. Limbaugh’s beverage company name, Two if by Tea, is a riff on Longfellow’s famous poem about Paul Revere. I’m not sure I’ll ever enjoy this tea myself, but I have really enjoyed reading some of the product comment chains! Here is a great example: “I am sure the weak-ass, Communist-loving, social-parasite liberals won’t try it. But it is delicious!” (Also, is this video for real? Like, for really-real?). (Photo: Gregory Pace/BeImages/Rex USA).

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Loving that Rush is fashioning himself as Revere on his Two if by Tea bottles — so modest! I wonder how much someone could sell his confidence for if it could be bottled? Hmmm…. (Courtesy of Two if by Tea).

Jay Z & Armand de Brignac
Leave it to Jay Z to start a blinged out bubbly brand in retaliation for some shade thrown his way. Here’s what went down: Jay Z’s former favorite bubbly was Cristal, but when the managing director of the brand made someside-eye-worthy remarks, Jay Z banished Cristal from his nightclubs, called for a consumer boycott, and “latched onto Armand de Brignac” according to Bloomberg. In his “Show Me What You Got” video, you can see him waving off Cristal and impressing a girl with Armand de Brignac instead. OH SNAP! Last year, Jay bought the whole damn Armand de Brignac brand, and recently launched an all pinot grape Champagne that goes for $760 (only 3,000 bottles are to be released). (Photo: Jim Smeal/BeImages/Rex USA).

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