These Weird But Simple Body Hacks Will Come To Your Rescue When You Need It The Most

The human body is a mysterious and wondrous thing. And I know we control our bodies, but do we reallycontrol our bodies? Think about it, most of our functions are involuntary and we can do nothing about ’em!

Until now. Here are 20 unbelievable body hacks that can actually help you control some of the body’s automatic functions.


It redirects the bladder’s signal to the brain and makes you feel more relaxed.


It may cause a muscle spasm in your throat that relieves the itch.


It warms your palate and stop the pain.


Thumbs have their own pulse, so slowing it down helps you feel more relaxed.


A mysterious remedy, but it really does work.


Once before the shot, and once as the syringe is being inserted. Remember to warn your doctor if you plan to do this.


It causes the sinuses to drain.


Science can’t explain why, but boy is this a blessing!


Continue being awesome.


Lying on your right side puts your stomach is higher than your oesophagus, which allows gravity to cause acid reflux.


By taking several short breaths in quick succession, you trick your body into thinking it has a larger oxygen supply.


If you have already starting to cry, try looking upward without tilting your head to stop up the waterworks.


Doing this just as your mouth open can stop this embarrassing display dead in its tracks.


That should about do it.


Before reaching for that cup of coffee or Red Bull, try working in blue light. It’s been found to be surprisingly effective in keeping one awake.


Your body will redirect bloodflow towards the muscle being flexed and save you some embarrassment.


Research shows that using profanity actually helps reduce the sensation of pain.


Press down between the two tendons on the wrist for 30 seconds and you may immediately feel better.


It activates the muscles you use when smiling, which will trick your brain into boosting your mood.


Exhaling as the right foot takes to the ground can put pressure on your liver, which causes the pain.

You’re welcome! May an almost-sneeze never bother you ever again.

Watch my elbow…. *high-five*!

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