Priyanka Kapoor suicide: ‘Month after wedding, she said Nitin was abusing her’

Priyanka Kapoor suicide: ‘Month after wedding, she said Nitin was abusing her’

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Priyanka Kapoor suicide: ‘Month after wedding, she said Nitin was abusing her’

Barely a month after their wedding in January, 27-year-old Priyanka Kapoor allegedly told her mother that she was being beaten up by her husband, Nitin Chawla, said family members.

Her sister, Dimpi Kapoor, said the reason behind the “violence” was not clear. “Priyanka told us that her husband had placed a lot of restrictions on her. She was not allowed to meet family and friends,” she said.

Dimpi said her family had decided to hold a meeting with Nitin’s family after the incident. “We decided to lodge a police complaint but Nitin’s family requested a mediation at home,” she said, adding that while Nitin’s father apologised for his son’s behaviour, no one else did.

“His mother told my sister that such things happen in a family and there was no need to make an issue of it… Later, Priyanka said if Nitin’s family assured her that it would not happen again, then she was ready to give him a second chance,” said Dimpi. She added that Nitin never apologised to her sister for his behaviour.

Dimpi said her sister had met Nitin in April last year. “We were not convinced as Nitin was 10 years older than her, but we respected her decision,” she said.

According to her family, Priyanka was planning to open a Reiki centre in Delhi. She had recently visited Pushkar to learn more about the alternate healing technique, said her father Ashok Kapoor.

“I can’t believe that she committed suicide. She was so strong… she was an inspiration to others. She was learning Reiki to help others,” said Kapoor.

“Priyanka was not a weak person… who would commit suicide… ,” he added.

He said Priyanka was always fiercely independent and she had started working after Class XII. “She was taking distance learning courses to complete her graduation. She started working at a call centre so that she could contribute financially to the family… Till now, she was working as an event manager,” said her father.

Priyanka had last spoken to her family on Friday afternoon, he said, when she told her mother that she wanted to sleep and would call back later. Later, when they tried to call her, there was no response from her side.

“We suspected something was wrong and reached her house at 11.30 pm. The flat was locked from inside. We called our son-in-law, who said he was in Dwarka. He arrived 15 minutes later, right before police reached the spot,” he said.

According to Kapoor, Priyanka had mentioned her mother-in-law and her brother- in-law in her suicide note.

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