Men Who Masturbate Daily Are At A Lesser Risk Of This Deadly Disease, Says Harvard Study

What is often seen as a social taboo may actually be good for your overall health!

Yes, I am talking about the act of self-pleasure or masturbation.

In the largest ever research to study the potential link between ejaculation and prostate cancer, research stands testimony to the fact that more ejaculation means a lesser chance of developing cancer!

Source: DHGate

Men who masturbate on almost a daily basis are at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer!

To arrive at this conclusion, the experts at Harvard Medical School studied almost 32,000 men for an extended period of 18 years.

Source: Veganopolous

Results showed that men who ejaculated more frequently were less likely to have the disease!

This is because studies show that ejaculation lessens the chances of prostate cancer by effectively “flushing out” cancer-causing agents from the body.

Source: Men’sHealth

No wonder all of us are self-proclaimed doctors when it comes to combating prostate cancer!

Source: Indiewire

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